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Sherman Park / Washington Park

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Washington Park Library Session

Our first self-expression workshop took place at Washington Park Library, a most appropriate venue. This beautiful building replaced Finney as the neighborhood’s library in 2003 (it’s a couple blocks down the road). The turnout for the session was small but sharp — the perfect group to kick off the series.

Attendees included young people who frequent Washington Park Library (thanks Jeff) and talented students from West Side Academy.

(Explore work from this session below.)

Jody Alexander: 200 pounds or 150 pounds. What’s it gonna be — move around.

Jhohaunaus Taylor: One late night there was a creepy looking boy named Jhohaunaus. He had pimples on his face. He had zits on his nose. He had bugs in his hair. The whole nine ugly yards. So Jhojaunaus fell asleep that night. He woke up in the morning and looked up on the mirror and said, “This can’t be me. If it is, I got my groove back I got my groove back. Because you see once upon a time I was uglier than a bald-headed pet canary. But look at me now! Yeah yeah. I’m sexier than my big brother.”

I got dressed walked outside and every body was on my porch screaming my name. Some girl said I was so handsome they had my name carved in an ice cream cone.

Jennifer Koss: Once upon a time, there was a daring person named Jennifer. Just how daring was she? One time an asteroid was barreling towards Earth and no one could stop it. Jennifer strapped on her rocket pack and headed straight for the asteroid. Once she got there, she took out a picnic basket, made a sandwich, and ate it. Finally after taking a nap, she got up and put a bomb in the center of it. As she took off, she slowed to take a picture of it exploding, so she could put it in her scrapbook called “Another Ordinary Day.”

Leora Wells: One Dark Day God decided that Him and His Buddies would Have a Bowling Tournament. So God was up to Bowl First. After He Hit a strike a Huge sound of Loudness came And Down Below Here Was a Loud Boom. God decided to call it “thunder” Because it’s Loud and Scary. And ever since God use thunder when It Rains And Pours.

Carley Jones: A Thousand years ago there was no land no water, not even people of the empty volcanic earth. There was almighty who have tremendous abilities to make such life. A titan named Loomanus a space titan. Loomanus felt very alone and wanted company so he did what he did he created life on the empty planet. He created trees.

Nakia Washington: (i) The clouds have a mother and father. The mother is the sea and the father is the sun. The mother, being 92% of what she protects is always taking care of life, while the father was always there for her. But of course with them two always being together they wanted something that they can hold together, like in the middle. So they had one child who became the best for both of them two.

(ii) There is this ant who always preferred to walk alone. That way, if anything happened, he could be quick and strong thinking about himself. But he couldn’t bear the fact of staying with the family makes him strong. He never wanted to be around them, not liking the fact of sharing. Time passed and the ant came to the point when he was moved along trying to build his own home as big as his family’s home. “But giving up when realizing that I’m just one ant.” He said to himself. Then the ant sat down on a leaf and said, “I’m going home.”

Desmond Young: Once upon a time in a village where no one laughed a day in their life, was a boy named Desmond. Desmond just moved in the neighborhood and he loved to make people laugh. A week passed and he made everyone laugh in the neighborhood and they decided to take him to their king. The king never laughed, never in his life and did not plan on laughing now. So Desmond arrived at the palace and began the attempt to make him laugh and wasn’t getting through. So Desmond ribbed his wife and the king was laughing so hard his stomach was hurting.

Javan Moore: One day the comedian woke up to tornados, lightnings and the highways splitting in half. So the comedian saw a big line of people coming out of a skyscraper he ran to the end of the line and said whats going on? Everyone was trying to get to safety but first the landlord wanted to hear a funny joke. So the comedian told the landlord a funny joke. Not only did the landlord laugh but everyone laughed and the tornado stopped and laughed the streets split open and laughed.

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    Panel Discussion is located at the old Finney Library on the corner of North and Sherman.

    For 50 years, Finney Library was a community bastion — a place of gathering and learning. But, it’s been shut doors and boarded windows for over a decade after a planned closure. The legacy of a place where language once flowed freely is masked in silence for a new generation.

    Panel Discussion interrupts the hush. Snippets of imaginative dialogue from community teens, adults, and elders return a murmur and rumble to this landmark corner. Presented in bold graphics, the phrases pulled from a summer discussion series offer a sly wink at the creativity in the surrounding community.

    In the Sherman/Washington Park neighborhoods, the TypeFace team worked with Milwaukee-based spoken word artist Dasha Kelly and the Sherman Park Community Association to design and implement a series of self-expression workshops. These touched on themes of mythology, folklore, and legend, with excerpts from participants incorporated into Panel Discussion.

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