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True Skool Session

For our second workshop, we went to True Skool, at the edge of Sherman Park. In a room brimming with talent, Dasha was dazzling and the young writers dove in headlong.

Attendees included students from Transformation City and the amazing young people from True Skool.

(Explore work from this session below.)

Kevin Newton: Once there was a thick fluffy cloud who always had other clouds who hated on the way he was formed. There was this one specific cloud who wanted to be just like the thick cloud.

D’Angelo Hopgood: My mom always be telling me — to flow the right way and not the wrong way. Because sometimes when I don’t get my way I get mad. So I lead. If I don’t take stuff, I can go forth to what I am.

Eboni’Jah Jordan: EboniJah is not just a typical girl she wasn’t like everybody else. She was so confident she could have defined the whole world. She was so confident one time she just walked into the White House and became the president.

She was so confident, one time she even was terrorized with hateful words from all over. So, she flew all over the world — I meant she was so confident she didn’t care what obstacles were in her way. She overcame them and confronted those people. She was so confident, if you saw her you could just soar through the sky and be filled with joy. That’s how confident little ol’ Eboni’Jah was.

Shalina Ali: There once was a beaver who liked to work alone. He built a damn good dam for his home. This made him Famous and others asked for his help. A team of Beavers had a stream 3x in size — they all had great strategies to build their damn but couldn’t decide. He couldn’t handle this stream but was too prideful to ask for suggestions Because he was the boss. After a long days work the river won and the beaver and his team were at a loss. He thought to himself, “I don’t have the answers. I can’t be the boss.”

Terry Fisher: Once there were a bird that couldn’t fly name Rio he wanted to go outside with his friends, and fly with them, but he was afraid, so he kept dodging them.

Darion Sims: One day, there was a real nice and calm frog and he met other some other friends around the other side of the pond. He would try to act all tough and bad around his new friends but around his family, he was a very nice, respectful frog. Grandfather Frog warned him about acting tough and not like himself and told him, “Be yourself and that way you can find true friends.”

Jaylen Perez: Advice given by… My best friend ♥. “Forever is family, because friends come and go…”

Jarmin Quezada: There lived a girl who was so outgoing that she made friends with everyone. She loved making people smile. She once made the king give this thrown.

Shelden Wilbon: I thought so fast, I beat everyone in every thinking game. Monopoly, deal or no deal, you name it. Even Russian Roulette.

Tyrone Miller: Tyrone was the largest, goofiest man in all the of the solar system. When he’d walk into a city, the whole town would tell jokes and laugh uncontrollably. Well, after the great war between Earth and Neptune, the rest of the Milky Way galaxy was tired and run down from all the energy they’d spent watching the two planets fight. So, Tyrone jumped in his car, the size of the moon, flew to the sun and punched it out the sky so he could replace it with his extra wide and big chin smile. 

The next morning, the sun didn’t rise but Tyrone’s smile and goofy antics caused the whole solar system to forget their troubles and smile along with him.

Dominique Whitehurst: As the Young Eagle continues to Soar amongst the Forestry, the owl steadily observes the Young one seek more knowledge of his surrounding. They haven’t met one another but it seems as if the Owl already knows his path.

The Owl can read every move the eagle makes before he actually makes it to his destination. From previous mistakes the Owl has made in the past, he has a severe wound from when he was a young, bold, cunning Owl. Now he can only do what is needed to be done.

Finally, the Owl places himself in the Eagle’s Route to let him know what’s in grasp.

Savannha Pyatt: Once there was a young man who wanted everyone to be equal, and have all the same things. However he realized some people rejected his gift. This made him so angry he stomped up to an old man and asked “Why do you not want what I have given to you. That is not right” The man answered, “look it may be equal but its not fair. Also some people don;t want all these things.

Seayannah Uwings: I’m so creative that everywhere I go I say, “HI” to people, people I don’t even know. I am legend in myself because I can do more than one thing. Because plenty of people want me to make them beats or DJ birthday parties.

Darryl Hill: There once was a boy named Darryl. Darryl was so good at making beats, he made 1,000,000 babies and ladies cry with joy and happiness. Then, they burst into fireworks and reincarnated again.

LaNia Sproles: There once was a girl named LaNia. She was the most creative female in the world. She could turn water droplets into 6 foot free standing sculpture. Every art museum wanted a piece of her genius. She would blink and paintings would literally spring from her mind in an instant. She once made Goddess some earrings out of Earth and stone. Even the God had to pay her for the earrings she made.

She could paint paintings so extravagant and beautiful that people would cry at the drop of a dime when they se them. They would throw their checkbooks begging LaNia to buy it and write whatever amount of money for it.

JaCarre Brooks: Every day I woke up and ran 100 miles. But the time I was 20 I was the fastest man on Earth but nobody believed me. So I challenged every one to a a forty lap race.

They all thought I would lose. The day of the race people kept saying I would lose. When the man shot the gun I took off. When everyone was the 2nd lap, I was on 39. Then I thought, “Let them. So I stopped and forfeited the race.”

Jacob Pflughoeft: Al was a talking stone sitting by me, the river. One day Al saw that I was struggling to get my flow right. Since he had seen many flows, he decided to help me.

Every few days, he would give me new advice and I practiced it. So, every time I thought I was great at the last thing he told me. Then, he brought something new up and I had to practice. There were days when I almost quit. But I stuck to it and am better now because I did.

Nataya Henderson: It was this girl Nataya was so outgoing that when aliens came to Earth. The president sent her to try and make peace with the Aliens. He sent her to make peace, so she did. She made everyone feel so welcomed and comfortable, the aliens came back and introduced us to technology and other things.

Demetrius Gee: Demetrius was so caring that when he made it to the NBA, he gave back to the community. He helped them make more opportunities for people that didn’t have a home and jobs where people get money instead of sitting in the house broke. My legacy will live on forever because of my famous hamburgers and potato fries that taste so good that you would think you were rich and everything was free.

Isaiah Kitts-Lewinski: Isaiah was so nice that even the meanest person could not make him angry. One day, a man named John heard this and said it was impossible. He wanted to make him angry.

First the man spit on Isaiah’s face. There wasn’t one sign of anger in his eyes. Next he beat him up. Isaiah smiled and shook his hand. And wished him to have a nice day. This made John extremely angry.

He went to Isaiah’s house and broke all his things. Isaiah thanked the man and said he was becoming too attached to his material possessions.

This made John so angry he burned down Isaiah’s house. Isaiah told him he should be careful — he could have hurt himself. Isaiah got this man into an anger management program and he became almost as nice as him.

Kenneth Perry: It was a hot Sunday in Ohio. When Luck woke up, with a smile you could see from a mille away. Luck got out of bed to go get ready for church. Luke got his clothes out and eat some bacon. His family got in the car to go to church. When they got there, the pastor was talking about the youth and the possibility that the youth had in the future.

Jene Tate: In the year 2013, everybody knew about Jene. His Artistic abilities shows no limits. His walk is Art, his Talk is art. Shoot, he wouldn’t breathe air if he wasn’t certain that when he exhaled his carbonated breath will speak art even as a yawn.

There were a lot of great artists of his time but what made him distinct was the fact that Art was literally his lifestyle. I recall one governor of Wisconsin requested: the best Artist in the MIDWEST SHOULD Paint the Hugest Mural known to MAN.

So of course, Jene took on the challenge. He didn’t even sketch it out, he just went at it. He started in Milwaukee and eventually got to Madison up to Green Bay. This journey took 7 days and stretched from East and West borders of WI. This mural is still being installed to this day, resembling a fist.

Ishmael Scarborough: Many days, me and my families ran through many houses on the block. Mind you, we are a family of rats.

But one day, we ran into the wrong persons and they had rat poison around their food. Even though we didn’t know, we still went for it. My cousin took the first bite. We were all hungry and hadn’t eaten for days. After cousin Vinny ate that small piece of food he dropped dead where he stood. We all thought he was shocked about how good the food tasted. But my father knew it was poison.

As I ran to get me a bite, my father tried to stop me and I didn’t stop. As soon as I was about to eat that piece of food, he screamed it was poison. I didn’t care because I was hog hungry. He told me, “Death is promise. Tomorrow isn’t.”

Tyreece Carlisle: ONe day, I was at football practice. Everybody was racing to see who was faster. It was my turn and I beat every person that stepped up to me. I was the fastest person out and kept the lead the every time. We had a game — Nobody Couldn’t Never Catch Me. So I quit football and went to basketball.

I was faster than all them, so I tried out for track. I was the fastest on our team. I went swimming and I got beat the first race. After that I never lost but I’m pretty sure it’s gon’ come soon.

Naeem Hunter: The Legendary voice spoke first. It was spoken from a rebel who defied the world around him. One day, he stood at the top of the project apartments he lived in and tried to yell the words, “Peace to those who accept it.” The voice was silent… only because his actions contradicted his statements.

After a simple meditation for inner peace and tranquility. He went to the roof of his project apartment roof and yelled again, “Peace to those who accept it.” Then it caused a chain of  peace. This began the supernatural voice. The voice of the people.

Brittnay Prophaz: There once was an eagle who never left his tree. He wished long and hard to one day flap his wings and soar in the sky. And look at the great lakes and land. But the eagle kept dreaming and wishing and nothing happened.

Until one night. A fire was upon the forest and the eagle didn’t know what to do. A great wise moose looked at him and said, “Why are you still here?” The eagle responded, “I wished and dreamed to live but nothing happened.” The moose quickly ran out of the forest. And for once the eagle spread his wings and dominated the sky.

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