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Sherman Park / Washington Park

Published on October 31st, 2013 | by adamcarr


Sherman Park Senior Living Center Session

This year, the transformation of Jackie Robinson Middle School to the Sherman Park Senior Center was completed. With the help of Gorman & Company, the building’s property manager, we gathered a group of spirited seniors for some snacks and writing.

Below explore some of the writing that took place during this session.

(Explore work from this session below.)

Byron Thompson: So the brown bear kept bringing spotted bears home for dinner and stayin’ out late in the woods with the spotted bears. Poppa Bear had warned about hanging with spotted bears. One day, when the brown bears were out hunting, the spotted bears invaded their space and stole their stash.

Angel Belton: 

My bird is blue.

My bird fly’s free.

My bird soars as high a the largest tree.

My bird sings.

My bird bring joy to everything I see.

Bessie Christopher: This woman was so compassionate, everyone in her neighborhood wanted her attention. Finally one day a big dog appeared at her door barking. She said I know that I enjoy caring for someone, but I am not the animal lover. So the dog left and went back to its owner, and the owner said, I didn’t mean that house, I meant the old dog house next door.

Martha Smith: To ALL ways reach for your Goals. Set goals that are small.

Hazel Johnson: One day this old dog was trying to teach some young pups about “growing up.” They started making fun of the way the old dog was talking and the way he walked around. He told them, “Alright. You can laugh now, but the only way you don’t get old is you die young.”

Donald Harris: Salisbury steak of hate. It broke us up and now I’m not messin’ with a woman that serves Salisbury steak for breakfast.

Robin Greer: Everything that looks good to you ain’t good for you.

Douglas Haily:

I am Committed.

I am all right.

I am good.

I am cray.


I do for me.

I/me/myself and I am alright with me.

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    Panel Discussion is located at the old Finney Library on the corner of North and Sherman.

    For 50 years, Finney Library was a community bastion — a place of gathering and learning. But, it’s been shut doors and boarded windows for over a decade after a planned closure. The legacy of a place where language once flowed freely is masked in silence for a new generation.

    Panel Discussion interrupts the hush. Snippets of imaginative dialogue from community teens, adults, and elders return a murmur and rumble to this landmark corner. Presented in bold graphics, the phrases pulled from a summer discussion series offer a sly wink at the creativity in the surrounding community.

    In the Sherman/Washington Park neighborhoods, the TypeFace team worked with Milwaukee-based spoken word artist Dasha Kelly and the Sherman Park Community Association to design and implement a series of self-expression workshops. These touched on themes of mythology, folklore, and legend, with excerpts from participants incorporated into Panel Discussion.

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