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Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club Session

The third and final youth workshop took place at a cornerstone of the community — Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club. The session was incredibly high energy.

Participants included students from Our Next Generation, Men of Tomorrow, Still Water Collective, and the Boys & Girls Club.

(Explore work from this session below.)

Alea McHatten: She grew for all the love she spread.

Jontrell Dixon: There once was a chick who lived in chick-world. Her name was Chickie. Chickie was a nice young chick who always explored the rules of her daily life. But one day, Chickie was approached by her friend, Duckie.

“Hey Chickie. Are you ready to fly?”

“What do you mean fly?”

“You and I — we can fly.”

“No we can’t.”

“Yes we can.”

So off Chickie went, trying to learn how to fly. She asked a bunch of people for tips and eventually felt she was ready to take flight. “Ok, wings spread apart, head up high, chest in, eyes closed.


Cheyenne Love: Long ago, in a far mystical land, there lived a girl. She was such a talented singer, that her voice put people in a trance. One day, an Emperor in China heard about her and sent her an invitation. She accepted this invitation, packed her things and went to China.

The Emperor demanded that she sing for him, so she did. Her singing was so beautiful, the emperor cried. The Emperor let her stay in his castle over night. But the next day, the Emperor asked her to do a task “There is a dragon who lives high up in the misty mountains” he said. “He terrorizes me and my people. If you sing to him, maybe he will be enchanted by your voice.” Cheyenne agreed to this task and started her journey to the mountains.

Sophia Brox: Many believed that there was a young adult named Sophia. Her art was known far and wide across the sea and land. Many people have come to see her magnificent art and everyone who knew her knew her art was special. As she drew, her work would slightly twitch until it seemed like it was moving, as if it was popping out.

Once it was complete, it would jump off the page and get covered in many different colors and shapes. It seemed so real and life-like. She drew of dogs, cats, dinosaurs, and even things that stood upright like man but had bodies of mythical adventures. These pictures were created out of mystical paint that she herself created from unknown plants and animals. It seemed as if her painting protected her. And at times seemed like they danced around her to lift her up when she seemed low in spirits. At times it seemed like she herself was apart of her paintings.

Adrian Conner: There once was a guy with a beard so long that he tied a rock to it, threw it around the moon, and climbed up. From the moon he lassoed a comet that was passing by, and went all they way to Saturn.

But, there wasn’t much to do on Saturn, so he tied his beard onto one of Saturn’s rings and chucked the rock back to Earth and tightrope walked on his own beard back to Wisconsin.

Alex Appleton: It was once said that Alexender could think to the lowest depth of thought. So one day he decided to make an inanimate object conscious of itself — after all he had consciousness to spare.

Ariel Wilson: There was a girl named Ariel. She was so talented, everyone adored her singing. They praised her. Kings adored her, kings adorned her neck with jewels. He sent jewelry and his magicians that made a necklace that had power in the charm. They told her, “Every time she opened her mouth to sing, great things would happen.” She believed.

She went to the king’s court once more to sing and play her instrument once. He heard her vocals. Heaven’s gates opened up and sent down a beautiful shower of rain and angels and came down. The King praised her once more and made her the top performer of his court.

The next day a Deaf man came to the gate and she saw him and she remembered what the magician said. She touched her necklace and sang to him and his hearing was restored. The man thanked her and she was praised by her whole village. They whole village shouted her name throughout the state and she was wanted to perform throughout the country and the world.

Kyra Love: Anfernee said to me that if no one loves me, he does. And that he will always be there for me.

Ariana Wilson: There was a moon and Earth. The moon always hated the earth. So it decided to throw pieces of itself at the earth. The earth had grown mountains and the moon had holes in its self.

Mercedes Morgan: One day my mommy say to me “What you wanna be when you get older”? I told her “a hair stylist, but everyone say I might not make it.”

She said, “Just try your best and never give up.” I smiled and said, “Okay momma, I’ll carry that sentence with me for my whole life.” Just then, she started talking about how she dropped out of college and how she wishes she never did that. It was a big mistake. She wants better for her kids.

Daniel Williams: It was once said that there was a man — no a boy — named Daniel. He was so creative that he once gave life and color to every thing he touched with his fingers. When he clapped, the waters of the ocean and animals were colored, except the deep ocean. When he talked, he flourished. He decided to make a superior animal and rubbed his life clay into it.

But then, he separated the world into continents. He said, “take care of this new sphere called Earth” as he floated off into space. “I’ll be back soon.” He created planets in his path and the humans got smarter and wiser.

Then they started to pollute and kill the Earth. When Daniel returned, he said, “Why have you destroyed my earth?” Then Daniel returned and never returned.

Scott Vorlob: People knew the name Scott went it came to foosball. They said that he was so good at it that he shoulda made the game. But the bad thing about it was every time he try to play someone at it, they would just leave. He got so tired of people leaving him that he quit.

So as years went on, someone new came along. So people played him and lost every time. People started to think he could beat anyone but then people remembered how good Scott was. So they asked him to play one more time. So he played that person. Lots of people saw the game and they remembered that game for years. It was the best game ever. People knew Scott had won!

Johnessa Ellis: Once upon a time, there was a little squirrel. The squirrel hung out with his friend Squirely and Raccoon. One day the squirrel got himself in a lot of trouble. He was stuck in a hole.

He yelled, “help help help.”

And Raccoon went to the hole and saw the squirrel. He looked at the squirrel in the hole and said, “I’m more focused on the pile of garbage I see. I’ll come get you later.” So the raccoon left and started eating his garbage. Then the squirrel yelled out, “help, help, help.”

And Squirely came and rescued his friend.

Elijah Williams: There was two guys arguing about how big the mountains are, so they decide to climb the big mountains. They made it on top of the mountain and never came back down.

Gekari Garner: There was a amazing Problem-solver named Gekari Garner. He was known for solving the big Amazon flood back in 2004. How he solved it was awesome, great, bizarre, and spectacular. As by magic, Gekari had made a water sucking sinkhole that had swallowed all the water. And at the end of the day, Gekari Garner was the flood saving hero legend.

Deron Coleman: Once there was a empty space where all someone could see was darkness. The people heard him cry. The people hated to hear him cry so he created a glowing star to brighten him.

Juwuan Little: One day there was a shark and squid. The shark wanted to go deeper into the water, but the squid didn’t because his parents said no. But the shark wasn’t taking no for an answer. “I’ve never been this far either thats the glory of it.” They both went deeper, but as soon as the squid lost his way he was forced to start a new life. Because he didn’t know what he was doing, he found out the hard way.

Khaleelah Wilkerson: Once upon a time a $hark. It $wam into town and was the $harkest of them all. It knew all the ways and taught another $hark found a goldshish. The $shark was playing with the goldfish but the goldfish thought they were really rocking but in reality he really wasn’t.

The goldfish turned into a shark!

Devina Reese-Harris: I am an athletic. I love what I do when it comes to sports. I will be serious about what I do as me because I do basketball, track, cross country. I can thank God for the talent I got but just know I never quit because it’s not in my blood.

When I do sports, I think it’s like me and my boyfriend and the gym.

Travis Hayes: Once there was a boy who was picked on for running slow. He always lost races and got picked on even more. But he got tired of being picked on because he was really slow. So he did one last race against the person who made fun of him. Ready, set, go. The boy left him and later became an Olympic runner.

Jessie Jones: This man was said to run to moon and back in a split second. It was said that at the age of 6 he was able to run around the world at hyperspace speeds. Once he sped off the edge of the earth and ended up on another planet.

Until this day, you can hear that one thunderclap of sound every millennia.

Kesha: Grrrrrrr. Maybe all of the smoke came up to the sky and stayed. Maybe every time a person thinks of something or has an idea they form clouds and it float up to the sky.

Xavier Heard: Two Samurai gods who lived in separated ancient lands always feuded with each other. The one decorated in Green was named Uchi and lived in the East. The one decorated in Red was named Hanzo and lived in the west. One day they both decided to solve their dispute and it would end in death.

They went to the heart of China, which was scattered with pillars and giant walls. Uchi pulled out his katana at Hanzo and Hanzo raised his two katanas and they clashed! Both gods were so quick that with each swings the pillars and great walls were cut in angles. As the two grasped for the final blow, they stopped.

They looked around and realized they created a beautiful atmosphere. They created mountains. Uchi and Hanzo stopped their feuding and lived in peace knowing they had created art through a battle.

Dreshuwn Lock: That when I dribble, dribble low so I can be in control of the ball.

Karan Jackson: Once upon a time there was a frog and turtle. Every day the frog saw the turtle he would brag about how much faster he was than the turtle. One day, the turtle challenged the fro to a race. The day of the race, the frog bragged how fast he were.

The race had started and frog was two checkpoints ahead and decided to stop because he insisted that the turtle wouldn’t catch up. While the frog was asleep the turtle caught up and passed the frog and won the race. When the frog woke up the race was over and he had lost.

Ken Marshall Jr.: Be an alpha not an omega.

N’namdi Carter: Don’t grow up to be like me.

Lotron Robinson: Once upon a time, there was a 14 year old young man named Tron. His real name was Lofron Robinson, who was the funniest dude people knew. One day he made everyone laugh so hard they lost their laughs and couldn’t laugh anymore.

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